Exercise 52: Teach Someone Else What You Know

By going through this book and learning to write software, you have done something that many other people haven't. However, you might not realize how much you actually know about the subject. In order for you to get a perspective on your knowledge, and to help you understand what you know I'm going to ask you to do something intimidating:

Teach someone else exercises 1 through 5 of this book.

That's right, you are going to be a teacher for a day and get a new person into programming. Who knows, maybe they'll become interested and continue after you are done. Maybe they'll think it's stupid and just forget about it.

The purpose of this lesson is to get you to articulate what you know and try to explain it to someone. Doing this will help you get an even firmer and cleaner grasp of what you know.

A piano teacher I took a few lessons from told me that he played professionally in many jazz bands, playing all sorts of complex music, but it wasn't until he started teaching jazz that he actually understood what he was doing.

Teaching someone else forces you to really understand what you are doing.

Extra Credit

  • Find your local "python group" and go to a meeting. If there isn't one, try starting one with some of your friends.

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