Tracking New Drupal Modules: A New RSS Feed

Last week, 28 new modules were released. Do you know what they are? You would if you subscribed to the New Modules list I just added to!

Staying ahead of the competition means keeping up with the latest and greatest, and that's exactly what this list will help you do. When that awesome new module you always dreamed of finally gets made, you'll be first to know. Subscribe to the RSS feed today, your career may depend on it! ;)

Update: Some people have been asking how this list differs from the module feed on

The feed includes a lot of "false positives": modules that are nothing more than a description with no published releases. Unfortunately, a significant number of those projects are simply wishful thinking and will never see a real release.

This list is for people who want to know about modules they can download and install today.

On this list, modules only get announced when the project maintainer publishes their first release. This saves you time by weeding out the projects with no code.

PS: I've also added feeds for the Top Modules list, and the Latest Reviews list. Check the full post for more details.

Posted by John on 2008-04-19