Music By Chaosmachine

This is a collection of electronic music that I created under the name Chaosmachine. There's also some audio cut-ups at the end of the playlist. Feel free to share any of these tracks with friends or on your favorite P2P network. If you hear something you like, send me an email: basic spamproofing

Tip: This playlist can be streamed in WinAMP, iTunes, etc. Useful if you want to listen to the music and look at my photos at the same time. :)

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to live as if you were dreaming

5:34 minutes (11.19 MB)

finding courage in a sunset

3:59 minutes (5.71 MB)

and for a moment we were here

3:32 minutes (5.91 MB)

the north sky transmissions

3:04 minutes (4.44 MB)

don't forget to hold reset

1:59 minutes (2.92 MB)

a reason for today

3:13 minutes (4.43 MB)

incandescent autumn (birthday tape)

2:07 minutes (3.29 MB)

get well soon

2:39 minutes (2.4 MB)


1:55 minutes (2.65 MB)


0:51 minutes (1.01 MB)

and that's the news

2:20 minutes (1.61 MB)

watch it burn

1:51 minutes (867.97 KB)

Posted by John on 2007-01-06