The Top 250 Drupal Search Terms

I've been doing some analysis of the search data from

Top 250 Drupal Search Terms

These are the top 250 Drupal search terms, based on 29,754 user-unique searches performed in the last 4 weeks via the Drupal Modules search box. Font size is proportional to the number of searches made.

Multiple searches for the same term by a single user are only counted a maximum of one time, in order to keep the results as fair as possible. In other words, someone searching for the same thing 100 times in a row will not affect the results.

These results do not include searches made using Module Finder. Due to Module Finder's interactive nature, it does not generate the kind of statistics you get from a normal search box.

Here's a text file with the exact numbers for the top 250, plus a full-size, clickable HTML version of that visualization you see above:

Text File
HTML Tag Cloud

Another interesting statistic: Drupal 6 captured 62% of version-specific searches in the last month, while Drupal 5 is down to 38% (Drupal 4.7 has fallen off the chart completely). The shift to Drupal 6 is very recent: Drupal 5 was leading for most of the past year.

Update: StephTheGeek gave me this link to search data from The data is almost identical, but the order of the results is slightly different (which makes sense, considering the top terms are all very close in numbers).

One thing to note: the data is coming straight out of the watchdog logs with no filtering, which means malicious users could potentially spam the search engine to increase the ranking of a specific term.

Update 2: You can find the code I wrote to generate these numbers here.


Posted by John on 2008-09-07