The Top 10 Drupal Community Sites

Google recently added a new feature to Google Trends: You can now compare websites to see how many daily unique visitors they're getting.

If there's anyone who's qualified to estimate traffic, it's Google. They handle half the world's search requests, and for the Drupal community, that number is probably more like 95%.

So, what can we learn from this new tool? Let's take a look.

Drupal traffic trends

This image, taken from Google Trends, shows the amount of traffic to sites visited by people who use In other words, this list represents the most popular sites in the Drupal community.

At number one, we have...

1. Lullabot

Lullabot is one of the biggest and oldest Drupal development companies. Lullabot offer a popular Drupal podcast, and their big collection of Drupal articles brings them a significant amount of traffic.

2. Drupal Modules

Second on the list is my site, Drupal Modules. Drupal Modules is the largest independent Drupal community on the web. Tens of thousands of developers visit the site every week to find the latest modules, read module reviews, or use the module finder.

When Drupal Modules first launched, there were a few doomsayers convinced it would "fracture the community", but frankly, that didn't happen, and is now an integral part of the Drupal landscape.

The lesson? Drupal should embrace third party sites if it wants to grow. Sadly, many Drupal users still don't know about the resources available on unofficial sites, and may turn to other CMS software as a result.

In fact, there are no official links to on, users must find it by searching or word of mouth [Update: the site did eventually get a link]. However, the site has been featured on the front page of several regional Drupal communities, including Drupal Germany and Drupal Taiwan. needs to do a better job of acknowledging community sites that exist outside of the official infrastructure, if it wants to encourage more people to use and develop with Drupal.

3. Theme Garden

Third on the list is, another 3rd party success story. When Drupal lost its official theme preview site, sprung up to replace it within a matter of weeks. The site features live demos of every Drupal 5 and 6 theme, and ranks very highly on Google for the popular search term "Drupal themes".

4. OpenSourceCMS

At number 4, we have, another interactive demo site. OpenSourceCMS lets anyone try Drupal in seconds with a preconfigured installation and an open admin account. It's a great way to see how Drupal works without having to download and install it.

5. Ubercart

In 5th place is Ubercart, one of Drupal's two big e-commerce modules. Its main competitor, Drupal E-Commerce, was recently featured in a book, but their website does not seem to be nearly as popular.

6. Dries Buytaert

Coming in 6th is Dries Buytaert's blog. Dries is well known as the creator of Drupal, but he also founded two private companies, Acquia and Mollom.

7. Drupal Germany

At number 7, we have Drupal Germany, better known DrupalCenter. DrupalCenter is the most popular regional Drupal site, and has a very large and active forum. They were also the first big site to link on their front page, so thanks to them :)

8. DrupalCon

In 8th place,, the official home of Drupal conventions. The next big DrupalCon will be held in Szeged, Hungary, this August. DrupalCon Boston was held earlier this year, with much success.

9. SparkleShelf

Number 9 is a bit of an anomaly. SparkleShelf is not actually about Drupal, but they do use it. The site was featured prominently on the front page as a Drupal case study.

10. Rhinocerus

And finally, at number 10, my least favorite Drupal site. doesn't appear to have any unique content, rather it just scrapes everything from the Drupal forums. Unfortunately, Google has a bad habit of listing them in almost every Drupal-related search result, hence its position on the list.

I'd like to thank Michelle for inspiring this article with a timely link ;)

Stay tuned for more trends and statistics.

Posted by John on 2008-06-24