Top 10 Drupal 7 Books: An Early Look

With the Drupal 7 beta right around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the new crop of Drupal 7 books coming to market. Surprisingly, more than ten Drupal 7 books have already been announced and some of them are already shipping. Here's a quick look at the top 10:

Pro Drupal 7 Development

Pro Drupal 7 Development book

What's in the book?: Deep knowledge of Drupal core, building modules from scratch, optimizing Drupal performance, security best practices, and more. Generally regarded as the best developer-focused Drupal book.

Who's the author?: Todd Tomlinson ("Beginning Drupal 7" author), and John K. VanDyk, 7 year member of and seasoned module developer (Workflow, Actions, etc).

When can I get it?: October 2010.

The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 book

What's in the book?: A new entry from Apress with a powerhouse author list, this book is aimed at people who want to build a business around Drupal. Covers everything from joining the Drupal community to evaluating modules. Claims to be "the most comprehensive book for getting sites done", and doesn't look to disappoint.

Who's the author?: This book's formidable list of authors spans almost a third of the cover, and includes big names like long-time Drupal core contributors Moshe Weitzman and Karoly Negyesi (chx).

When can I get it?: November 2010.

Beginning Drupal 7

Beginning Drupal 7 book

What's in the book?: Looks to be a good introduction to what Drupal is and what it can do. Covers installation, adding users and content, changing themes, installing modules, etc.

Who's the author?: Todd Tomlinson, member for almost 5 years and an IT executive with several decades of experience.

When can I get it?: It's shipping now.

Drupal 7

Drupal 7 book

What's in the book?: A complete introduction to Drupal 7, from planning your site to installing advanced modules. Includes sections on how to configure your development machine, how to deploy your site, and how to manage security issues.

Who's the author?: David Mercer, prolific tech author and member since 2005.

When can I get it?: It's shipping now.

Drupal 7 Bible

Drupal 7 Bible

What's in the book?: Focused on site-building, with in-depth coverage of several contributed modules, including Views and and Ubercart. With over 740 pages, this book really lives up to its "Bible" moniker.

Who's the author?: Ric Shreves, web application consultant and author of two previous Drupal books, "Drupal 5 Themes" and "Drupal 6 Themes".

When can I get it?: November 2010.

Foundation Drupal 7

Foundation Drupal 7 book

What's in the book?: A hands-on approach to Drupal for webmasters looking to get more familiar with the CMS, with an emphasis on reducing time-to-launch. Covers integrating Drupal into your existing designs, managing multi-site configurations, and administering your server with cPanel.

Who's the author?: R.J. Townsend, member for 3 years and technology research consultant.

When can I get it?: September 2010.

Drupal 7 Visual Quickstart Guide

Drupal 7 Visual Quickstart Guide book

What's in the book?: Plenty of screenshots and step-by-step instructions. This book is mainly focused on the installation, configuration, and management of Drupal sites.

Who's the author?: Tom Geller, a full-time freelance writer (, Safari Books) and 3-year member of

When can I get it?: November 2010.

Drupal 7 for Windows Developers

Drupal 7 for Windows Developers

What's in the book?: If you're a Windows developer used to ASP and .net, and you're looking to get started with Drupal, this is your book. Covers installation of Drupal in a Windows environment, how to debug your code from within Windows, and how to integrate Drupal with enterprise services via XML.

Who's the author?: Brian Travis, a .net developer who really likes Visual Studio.

When can I get it?: January, 2011.

Building Drupal 7 Community Sites

Building Drupal 7 Community Sites book

What's in the book?: Tips and strategies for building a successful community using Drupal. Covers community-building features like blogs, instant messaging, and social network integration.

Who's the author?: Dorien Herremans, member for 3 years, and author of "Drupal 6: Ultimate Community Site Guide".

When can I get it?: Amazon incorrectly lists the date as May 2010. Apress says the book is "Not Yet Published".

Drupal 7 First Look

Drupal 7 First Look

What's in the book?: For those already familiar with Drupal 6, this book is designed to help you upgrade to Drupal 7. Covers the new administration interface, Drupal 7's API changes, and introduces the new DBTNG database abstraction layer.

Who's the author?: Mark Noble, author of "Drupal 6 Site Builder Solutions".

When can I get it?: November 2010.

Just the beginning...

Obviously, this top 10 list is fairly preliminary. As I write this, Drupal 7 is still in alpha, and a number of upcoming Drupal 7 books have yet to be officially announced. In particular, I'm looking forward to Building Drupal 7 Module Development, a book I helped edit an earlier version of.

For a project that's yet to reach the beta stage, the number of books already devoted to Drupal 7 is certainly inspiring. Clearly people have big expectations for the future!

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Posted by John on 2010-09-21