6 Free Tools Every Web Designer Should Have

Whether you're troubleshooting your site's CSS or editing your template files, there are all kinds of free tools available that can help improve your productivity.

6 Free Tools Every Web Designer Should Have

In this article, I'll show you a few of the free web design and development tools I use on a regular basis.

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Posted by John on 2009-01-22

A3 Atlantis Updated to v1.2

I just published an update for the A3 Atlantis theme. This new release contains minor bug fixes and better support for the updated region system in Drupal 6.

If you're updating a theme from Drupal 5 to 6, I definitely recommend checking out Wesley Tanaka's guide, he covers some things that are easy to miss.

Posted by John on 2008-08-23
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A3 Atlantis Theme Released For Drupal 6

Due to popular demand, A3 Atlantis is now available for Drupal 6!

Drupal 6 Theme A3 Atlantis

A3 Atlantis features a standards-compliant layout, designed with speed, elegance, and search engine friendliness in mind. The XHTML/CSS codebase provides stunning looks and beautiful typography in every browser.

The new Drupal 6 release comes with some minor improvements, including smaller file sizes, more efficient code, and extra theme support for the Views 2 and Coder modules.

From the user's perspective, it should look identical to the Drupal 5 release, which you can see in action here.

Posted by John on 2008-07-31
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Free Drupal Theme: A3 Atlantis

A3 Atlantis is my newest contribution to the Drupal community. Designed from the ground up to be fast, elegant, and search engine friendly, this theme features a stunning visual design, beautiful typography, and a standards-compliant code base.

A3 Atlantis Drupal Theme

A3 Atlantis was designed exclusively for Drupal, and is licensed under the GPL.

This free Drupal theme is currently available for Drupal 5, and a 6.x version is in the pipeline. I also plan to release some additional variants of this theme in the near future.

Check out the project page, or take the live demo for a test drive!

Posted by John on 2008-06-30
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Removing The Default CSS In Drupal 5

Drupal comes with several CSS files built in. These files determine the default look of basic elements like menus, tabs, and tables. But what if the default Drupal style just isn't what you want?

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Posted by John on 2007-12-10
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Drupal Themes: SEO Position Theme Updated

I was recently hired by SEOposition to update their contributed theme for Drupal 5. Essentially, I rewrote the entire theme from scratch: The CSS and XHTML are all brand new, there's a new navigation bar, improved typography, and the theme itself is about 200px wider.

Overall, the code is much tighter, and quicker to download. If you're upgrading from the 4.x version, you'll see a significant decrease in bandwidth usage. Here's an overview of the bandwidth-saving improvements I was able to make:

  • Rewritten CSS is 60% lighter. Old version used over 15k of code, I did it in 6k.
  • New XHTML layout is 25% lighter, easier to read, with better SEO.
  • Optimized images now have 40% smaller file sizes without sacrificing quality.

Here's a screenshot of the new 5.x version:

Updated SEO Position Drupal Theme

The updated theme is now available for download from the official Drupal site. Please note that the information on that page still referrers to the old 4.7 release, all admin screen issues have been resolved in the new Drupal 5 version.

If you have an old theme you'd like updated to Drupal 5, be sure to check out my Drupal theme services.

Posted by John on 2007-06-24
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