The application uTorrent canceled restart

If you're a mac user running uTorrent, you've probably run into this error while trying to restart your computer:

"The application uTorrent canceled restart. To try again, quit uTorrent and choose Restart from the Apple menu."

The application uTorrent canceled restart

This happens because uTorrent tries to gracefully close every open connection before shutting down. Of course, it's impossible to do this in a timely fashion, so uTorrent cancels your reboot. Then you have to manually close uTorrent, wait 10 seconds for it to actually shut down, and finally try your reboot again. Very annoying.

After about a year of putting up with this, I finally discovered a way to fix it! It turns out you just need to add a line to uTorrent's property list file.

Note: This fix only works on Mac OS X 10.6 aka Snow Leopard.

  1. Open your applications folder, right click uTorrent, and click "Show Package Contents".
  2. Open the "contents" folder, and double click the "info.plist" file. This will open up the Property List Editor.
  3. Click the last item in the list, then click the "Add Item" button.
  4. Enter "NSSupportsSuddenTermination" as the key and "YES" as the value (no quotes).
  5. Save the property list.

When you're done, it should look like this (note the new entry at the bottom):

uTorrent property list editor

That's it: No more canceled reboots!

If you'd like to learn more about how this actually works, check out the official Apple documentation on enabling sudden termination in applications. This fix should work for any application you have trouble shutting down properly.

Posted by John on 2010-04-15