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I recently wrote a new domain name generator called Impossibility. Unlike most domain name generators, it actually comes up with some pretty good results. It works by combining your keywords with a custom suffix/prefix dictionary and rapidly scanning the results for unregistered domains.

The site proved to be fairly popular with Reddit and Hacker News, and since November, more than 120,000 searches have been performed.

With all that traffic, I thought it would be interesting to post some statistics. So, here's the top 50 most searched for domain keywords:

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Posted by John on 2010-12-18

A Survey of 2,368 Drupal Sites

Back in May of 2008, I did a survey of 1,370 Drupal sites, and came up with some interesting version statistics. At the time, Drupal 6 had been out for about 3 months, and the adoption rate was still fairly low.

It's been 2 years now since Drupal 6.0 was released, and I thought it would be interesting to revisit the numbers. So, here's a fresh survey of 2,368 Drupal sites:

Drupal sites by version 2010

And here are the numbers from back in 2008:

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Posted by John on 2010-02-19

The Top 250 Drupal Search Terms

I've been doing some analysis of the search data from

Top 250 Drupal Search Terms

These are the top 250 Drupal search terms, based on 29,754 user-unique searches performed in the last 4 weeks via the Drupal Modules search box. Font size is proportional to the number of searches made.

Multiple searches for the same term by a single user are only counted a maximum of one time, in order to keep the results as fair as possible. In other words, someone searching for the same thing 100 times in a row will not affect the results.

These results do not include searches made using Module Finder. Due to Module Finder's interactive nature, it does not generate the kind of statistics you get from a normal search box.

Here's a text file with the exact numbers for the top 250, plus a full-size, clickable HTML version of that visualization you see above:

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Posted by John on 2008-09-07

The Top 10 Drupal Community Sites

Google recently added a new feature to Google Trends: You can now compare websites to see how many daily unique visitors they're getting.

If there's anyone who's qualified to estimate traffic, it's Google. They handle half the world's search requests, and for the Drupal community, that number is probably more like 95%.

So, what can we learn from this new tool? Let's take a look.

Drupal traffic trends

This image, taken from Google Trends, shows the amount of traffic to sites visited by people who use In other words, this list represents the most popular sites in the Drupal community.

At number one, we have...

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Posted by John on 2008-06-24

Drupal Statistics: 1370+ Sites Surveyed

I've been doing some statistical analysis of Drupal sites in preparation for a new site I'm launching. The results are very interesting. Here are some version statistics, based on 1,370 Drupal sites with accessible changelog.txt files.

In case you're wondering about the freshness of this data, the majority of sites surveyed were launched in the last 12 months, including sites published as recently as 2 weeks ago. The version numbers recorded reflect the Drupal version the site is running today.

The URLs were collected from, the largest public database of Drupal sites. Their list is constantly updated with user-submitted sites (with more than 1000 new sites added in the last year), and in theory, should be statistically neutral, as the motivational factor for publicizing a site is not dependent on which version of Drupal you use.

I have verified these results against some creative Google searches, and the numbers correlate very well. I have high confidence in the accuracy of these numbers as an overall representation of the Drupal install base.

Drupal versions count
Drupal versions percent

A short analysis: Very few people are using Drupal 6 (in production) yet. In fact, Drupal 4.x installs outnumber Drupal 6.x almost 6 to 1.

The Drupal 4.x numbers are especially interesting, because 4.7 support and security updates were discontinued in January. That means 21.6% of live Drupal sites are running an unsupported version of Drupal! In fact, I even found five sites running Drupal 4.5.x, but the number was too small to graph.

Update: Some of you have expressed concern that the sites polled are all "self promoted" sites. This isn't strictly true, anyone can add a site to, it doesn't have to be the site owner. Either way, self promotion isn't something specific to Drupal 5 users, and there is no reason why a Drupal 6 user would be any less likely to add their site to the list at

Self-promoting sites or not, the indisputable fact is that of the 1370 sites surveyed, 96% of them have chosen not to upgrade to Drupal 6 yet (note: I'm not implying they will never upgrade).

There are plenty of real reasons why users aren't upgrading or launching new production sites on Drupal 6 yet (It's still kind of new, modules aren't ready, etc), but that's not what this article is about. I'm strictly interested in the numbers, you can draw your own conclusions as to why they are the way they are.

Stay tuned for more statistics and graphs.

Posted by John on 2008-05-14
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