Why you can't search for phpBB on Bing

I've discovered an interesting bug: You can't search for "phpBB" on Bing.

I was doing some research for my startup naming business when I came across a deleted forum post I wanted to read. Google didn't have a cached copy, so I decided to paste the URL into Bing. The result looked something like this:

Did I just crash Bing?

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Posted by John on 2011-08-01

Ranked Last: A Study In Useless Utility

Tired of always finding exactly what you want on Google? Me too. That's why I created Ranked Last, the first search engine designed to show you the least relevant results possible!

Ranked Last

That's right, it's completely useless! ;)

Inspired by, I decided it would be fun to make a utility site with little to no actual utility. And I believe I've succeeded (or would that be failed?). For more info on this gem of a website, check out the Rankest Last FAQ.

Update: You might have noticed this project used to be called "SEO Failure". I decided no one would remember that name, so I changed it to "Ranked Last".

Posted by John on 2007-11-20

Drupal SEO: How Duplicate Content Hurts Drupal Sites

Drupal's clean URLs give it a good reputation when it comes to SEO, but there's a lot more you can do under the hood to improve Drupal's search engine friendliness. Today I will show you some Drupal SEO tips to help you avoid duplicate content and boost your search engine ranking.

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Posted by John on 2007-03-25
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