Rogers Hijacks Domain Name System, Puts Yahoo! Ads on Google's Subdomains

Rogers, a huge cable internet provider in Canada, has decided to hijack all unregistered domains, and replace them with Yahoo! advertisements. This means Rogers users who type in a domain that doesn't exist, are now getting Yahoo ads instead of the normal "not found" error.

Interestingly, Rogers also decided to do this with subdomains. So for example, now takes you to the following advertising:

Rogers sucks

I wonder how Google feels about that? Of course, this doesn't just affect Google. As I mentioned, every possible domain that isn't already pointing somewhere is affected.

You can see the IP hijacking in progress here:

Rogers really sucks

Even US Government .gov domains now serve Yahoo! ads.

Do you own a domain? How do you feel about Rogers serving their ads on your subdomains? If you'd like to send them a message, their phone number is 1-888-764-3771.

Verisign attempted something similar in 2003, and had to shut it down due to massive backlash. Let's get this stopped before it spreads to more ISPs.

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Posted by John on 2008-07-20