My Vision For Project Pages On

Here's my vision for the module project pages on (click for full size):


It's a mix of my current work, some future plans, and some ideas I had for harnessing's data.

Many of these ideas could be implemented without changing much of the underlying code on The data is all there, we just need to put it to work.

Some of the features shown are already present on You'll notice I reused a fair amount of the design, too. We don't know what the new theme is going to look like yet, so I decided to go with what I know best.

The page is designed to fit in a standard 1024px browser window, but I'm not sure how I feel about the specific width of individual components. The good news is that's not difficult to change.

With the redesign well under way, I wanted to get this out there for people to see. This mock up doesn't include everything I'd like to see done, but it's what I had time to lay out.

So, where do we go from here? I've made a post to the redesign group, feel free to leave comments.


Posted by John on 2008-09-23