Searching for Drupal Modules Just Got Easier

Behold the new and improved Module Finder!

drupal module finder search

Now with color coded direct download links, perfect for copy and pasting into Drupal 7 or your command prompt.

I've also added direct links to each module's project page, issue queue, and usage statistics. Now you can see the module's maintenance status and user count right from within the search results!

Finding and downloading Drupal modules has never been faster or easier. :)

PS: Your donations make it possible for me to keep working on stuff like this. Thanks for your support!

Posted by John on 2010-10-27

Drupal Modules gets a new server!

In an effort to make Drupal Modules even faster, I've purchased a new server and rewritten a lot of the code. The end result is a massive speed increase. For example, Module Finder is now 8 times faster! More details here.

Drupal Modules New Server

There's never been a faster way to research your next Drupal project, or find that one module you were looking for.

Posted by John on 2009-07-08

Module Finder: Now With More Awesome.

I've rewritten Module Finder to support searching for keywords in any order. You're no longer limited to searching for exact phrases (though you still can if you want to). This makes finding what you're looking for easier and more Google-like. Of course, the results still update in real time, as you type.

Module Finder Rewritten

Check out the full details over on Drupal Modules.

Posted by John on 2009-05-25

Linking to Module Finder

If you're a fan of Module Finder, my interactive module search tool, you'll be happy to know you can now link to search results, bookmark your favorite search options, and more!

Linking to Module Finder

Check out the full details over on Drupal Modules.

Posted by John on 2009-02-19

A Visual Analysis of Drupal Modules

Inspired by Laura's recent post, I decided it would be fun to run some of the data from through Wordle.

So, I wrote a script to parse the entire collection of released Drupal modules. Over 2000 descriptions, written by hundreds of different module developers, were analyzed. This image shows the top 150 words used in the module descriptions, sized according to frequency.

Drupal Modules visualized

Unfortunately, Wordle outputs fairly small images. Fortunately, I figured out a way around that. Here's a 1680 pixel wide version!

I wanted to see what it would look like without the duplication caused by plural words, so I wrote a script to identify plurals and convert them to singular form (easier said than done, English is a tricky language). Here are the results:

... Read the rest of this post!

Posted by John on 2008-06-13

Tracking New Drupal Modules: A New RSS Feed

Last week, 28 new modules were released. Do you know what they are? You would if you subscribed to the New Modules list I just added to!

Staying ahead of the competition means keeping up with the latest and greatest, and that's exactly what this list will help you do. When that awesome new module you always dreamed of finally gets made, you'll be first to know. Subscribe to the RSS feed today, your career may depend on it! ;)

Update: Some people have been asking how this list differs from the module feed on

The feed includes a lot of "false positives": modules that are nothing more than a description with no published releases. Unfortunately, a significant number of those projects are simply wishful thinking and will never see a real release.

This list is for people who want to know about modules they can download and install today.

On this list, modules only get announced when the project maintainer publishes their first release. This saves you time by weeding out the projects with no code.

PS: I've also added feeds for the Top Modules list, and the Latest Reviews list. Check the full post for more details.

Posted by John on 2008-04-19
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