Vote Drupal For CNet's Webware 100!

CNet is holding a poll for the best "Blogging/Web content/Design" tool, and Drupal is on the list. It gets my vote for sure. Actually, Google Analytics would be my second choice, it's a nice little service.

Update: Voting is closed now, and Drupal is among the winners!

Posted by John on 2007-05-24

Overriding Taxonomy Term Links in Drupal Modules

If you're writing a Drupal module that provides a custom node type, and you want to override, or just get rid of, the default display of taxonomy links (aka categories or tags), here is the solution.

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Posted by John on 2007-04-16

Drupal SEO: How Duplicate Content Hurts Drupal Sites

Drupal's clean URLs give it a good reputation when it comes to SEO, but there's a lot more you can do under the hood to improve Drupal's search engine friendliness. Today I will show you some Drupal SEO tips to help you avoid duplicate content and boost your search engine ranking.

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Posted by John on 2007-03-25
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How Database Configuration Can Slow Down Drupal

Is your Drupal site slow? Are you losing traffic because of high load times? Your database could be the problem. Read on to find out why your site is lagging, and see how the right server configuration can speed it up.

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Posted by John on 2007-03-05

Highly Critical Security Flaws In Drupal Audio Module

I have discovered several critical security flaws in the Drupal Audio module, one of which could allow anyone to upload and execute arbitrary code. The issues all stem from the getID3 library, an open source package used by the Audio module to read metadata from files. Included with the library are a set of demo files which, when properly manipulated, can be used to read, delete, upload, and run files without permission.

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Posted by John on 2007-02-15

Music Section Updated

I've redone the music section to use the audio playlist module. This allows you to access all my music from one page. Additionally, you can now stream the entire collection through WinAMP, iTunes, or any other media player that supports .pls files. Check it out!

PS: I've also created a new favicon! :)

Posted by John on 2007-01-18
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