Drupal Modules gets a new server!

In an effort to make Drupal Modules even faster, I've purchased a new server and rewritten a lot of the code. The end result is a massive speed increase. For example, Module Finder is now 8 times faster! More details here.

Drupal Modules New Server

There's never been a faster way to research your next Drupal project, or find that one module you were looking for.

Posted by John on 2009-07-08

Module Finder: Now With More Awesome.

I've rewritten Module Finder to support searching for keywords in any order. You're no longer limited to searching for exact phrases (though you still can if you want to). This makes finding what you're looking for easier and more Google-like. Of course, the results still update in real time, as you type.

Module Finder Rewritten

Check out the full details over on Drupal Modules.

Posted by John on 2009-05-25

DrupalFire RSS Feed: Tastes Great, Less Filling

By popular request, I've added an RSS feed to DrupalFire.

DrupalFire Feed

If you're looking for a low noise, high quality alternative to the 300+ feeds on Planet Drupal, you've found it. :)

Update: Now with a "creator" field that doesn't say "John" for every entry ;) Thanks to Wim Leers for the bug report.

Posted by John on 2009-04-06

DrupalFire: The Best Drupal Content In One Place

DrupalFire is a new content aggregator that brings together the best writers, developers, and designers the Drupal community has to offer.

Drupal Fire!

The site features 30* hand-picked feeds that I believe represent the best, most interesting content in the Drupal universe. You won't find a higher signal-to-noise ratio anywhere else.

DrupalFire was built from scratch using Drupal 6, FeedAPI, and some custom code. The site is currently in beta, and more features are in the works. IE6 is unsupported.

* It's actually 30 feeds plus one: Planet Drupal has a prime slot, so you won't miss a thing. :)

Posted by John on 2009-03-29

Linking to Module Finder

If you're a fan of Module Finder, my interactive module search tool, you'll be happy to know you can now link to search results, bookmark your favorite search options, and more!

Linking to Module Finder

Check out the full details over on Drupal Modules.

Posted by John on 2009-02-19

6 Free Tools Every Web Designer Should Have

Whether you're troubleshooting your site's CSS or editing your template files, there are all kinds of free tools available that can help improve your productivity.

6 Free Tools Every Web Designer Should Have

In this article, I'll show you a few of the free web design and development tools I use on a regular basis.

... Read the rest of this post!

Posted by John on 2009-01-22
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