New Drupal Project Pages: HTML Prototype

Last month I posted my vision for the future of's project pages. The next step in bringing that vision to has now been taken.

Mark Boulton has released an HTML prototype of the redesigned

The new project pages are largely based on my initial concept, and the resulting community feedback. A lot of great ideas came up in the discussion, and Mark's prototype does a good job of taking these into account.

The prototype is text-only at moment, but it does include space for screenshots, which is something that was missing from my original design. Project groups also get a nod, a concept championed by dww.

There are a few things I would like to see added, such as an RSS feed block where the module maintainers could syndicate news about their module. Additionally, it should be noted that my original mockup was not intended for use with themes (I think they require a slightly different approach, which I may attempt to outline later).

There's also the question of whether module reviews should be included on In my opinion, they're what users are looking for, but there are others who disagree. Certainly, I will continue to provide a place for reviewers at

If you're interested in joining the discussion, Mark has created a new thread on the redesign group.


Posted by John on 2008-10-06